Friday, February 23, 2007

Who Is The Audience For This Project?

The general audience for this project is anyone who loves or is interested in young adult literature. This project also is intended for people interested in thinking and talking about the contemporary world, and re-examining the nature of human behavior and decision-making within it.

The reviews and digital videos and booktalks are especially designed for viewing by teens and others looking for good books to read independently or for school. The goal of the digital video or booktalk is to provide a satisfying, hopefully compelling "hook" for future reading. They also are meant to supply a creative link between the text being discussed and the world at large.

The written commentary around each booktalk is aimed more toward teachers, critics, and parents, though teens may be interested in the assessments of the literature that I provide. I hope that parents and teachers will use the digital booktalks and especially the written commentary to make book recommendations or purchases for teenagers; ideally, the commentaries will enable and enhance appreciation of the wide range of high quality texts available of consumption by a teenage audience.

Readers who wish to read and respond to my draft thoughts related to the relationship between young adult literature and the contemporary world may consult the various links listed under the heading COMMENTARY ON THE RELATIONSHIP TO THE CONTEMPORARY WORLD, on the right hand side of this screen. This commentary is meant to serve as a basis for future writing and discussion.

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