Friday, February 23, 2007

How Do I Navigate This Blog?

Welcome to The Age of ________? To navigate your way through this site, please use the links on the right hand side of your screen.

Clicking on the links under BOOKS READ TO-DATE FOR THIS PROJECT will direct you to other websites containing short reviews and digital videos or booktalks about recently published texts in young adult literature. In addition to a review and digital video or booktalk, each website contains commentary for teachers and parents about whether or not the book is useful for classroom teaching and independent reading. Readers are encouraged to post their own comments and evaluations. My three most recent booktalks and commentary are published on the home page of this blog.

To get back to the home page from any other website or page, just click on the header The Age of ______? at the top of your screen.

This blog explores the relationship between young adult literature and the contemporary world. Click on the links under COMMENTARY ON THE RELATIONSHIP TO THE CONTEMPORARY WORLD, on the right hand side of this screen, to read more extended commentary about this topic.

Readers who prefer to explore websites in chronological order of publication may use the links within the Blog Archive to achieve this end.

Thanks for visiting The Age of ________?

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