Friday, February 23, 2007

What Is This Blog All About?

This blog is all about the connections that exist among contemporary politics, young adult literature, and the world.

I contend that young adult literature provides a unique and powerful lens through which to think about contemporary politics and international affairs. The ability of young adult literature to speak powerfully to political matters and the world is a function of its primary audience, teenagers, a group of readers that yes, like most readers, seek escape and entertainment, but also critical perspective with regard to existing social norms and structures.

If you haven't noticed already, check out your local bookstore or library, and the significant space alloted to young adult literature. It's not just for teens anymore.

And socio-political analysis isn't just for pundits, business people, and social scientists (think Thomas Friedman, Malcolm Gladwell, and Stephen Levitt). It's also for teens, teachers, librarians, and other advocates of young adult literature.

So, get involved. Read some books. Make a comment on this blog. Vote. Take a stand. Talk to others about young adult literature, politics, and the world.

Mark Twain--a key figure in the history of young adult literature--once said that his goal as a writer was "to take in the whole world" (see his preface to The Gilded Age). Most young adult literature aims to do the same. Don't be misled by the covers.

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