Wednesday, May 2, 2007

The Rules of Survival, by Nancy Werlin

The Rules of Survival, by Nancy Werlin, is a highly acclaimed mystery--it is on the 2007 Top Ten Best Books for Young Adults list, put out by the Young Adult Library Services Association--and it is one of the most horrifying and interesting novels that I have ever read. For insight into the current age of fear, and the dangers associated with taking a stand against terrorism, read this novel.

Middle school teachers and high school teachers might recommend this book to students who love mysteries and who have a tolerance for intense psychological drama. Nancy Werlin is not Stephen King by any means, but she is a very fine writer, and keeps her readers on edge throughout this narrative.

English teachers exploring the genre of mystery writing might use this book with small groups of students, or even an entire class. Adults will love this book too, and should feel comfortable giving it to middle school students who like horror or mystery writing, or just fine writing more generally speaking.


April Neusser said...

This is a great survival/angst book for the middle school student. We are currently teaching it as a survival/adventure literary circles along with 9 other books. It is an easy read but deals with complex issues. A two thumbs up book!

Amanda Gifford said...

I liked the idea of the book and the issue it addressed, with their family life, and their mother's problems with drinking and using men. It was sad and to many aspects I could relate. I did not find it to be much of a mystery, and I was not sitting on the edge of my seat reading this, but at the same time I was kept guessing what would happen next. It is definately recommended!